Useful websites

Here are some websites that may be useful for schooling on the road. Many sites have links to others, so potentially there are hundreds to look at. Some may involve a cost if you are to subscribe, however there is generally a free parent trial for most.


2 responses to “Useful websites

  1. Hi Helen,
    My girls are enrolled with School of the Air, similar program to SIDE. These are some of the websites they use, which are educational and fun.
    Intrepica…. through the State Library System.

    All really good and the girls love to use them.

  2. Awesome Tonja!
    I have been dragging my heels on this section, thanks for your input. I have seen these sites and they are great, Emma has been doing reading eggs and loves it. Am also looking forward to visiting some SOTA sites as we go. Will look into Intrepica haven’t heard of that one! Also with the mathletics/spellodrome I have seen some schools also have access to Rainforest Maths, do you get that also? I will put a link up.
    Thanks again


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