If you would like to contact us to ask a question, let us know of some unmissable unknown  destination, offer a real bed/shower, free meal, foot massage or an icy cold beer then  feel free to leave a comment or altenatively contact us at;


14 responses to “Contact

  1. Deb Clark (Clarky)

    Hi Helen, Paul, Ben, Reardon and Emma,
    I have been following you on your blog and am getting more jealouse as the days go by. Mike (hubby) is going on about retiring and hitting the road but I am not ready yet. We will be in Exmouth in the July holidays so it was great to hear about all things there is to see up there, thanks. Nothing has changed at work, we are still flat out. I bet you don’t miss any of it. I am missing seeing and chatting to you and the kids. There aren’t many families around as nice as yours. Hopefully we will meet up again and catch up in person. Will keep reading your blog and wish you all health and happiness.
    Your friend that is still working.

    • Hiya Deb
      Nice to hear from you. I hope you have a great time in Exmouth, the visitors centre has got lots of info and you can book tours and things from there. We were hoping to have some local seafood from a place called Bettsy’s, but every time we went it was closed. If Mike doesn’t catch a ton of fish for dinner pop in there and let us know what it was like. You’ve got a long way to go before your’e a travelling nomad! Oh and…….. work schmurk!!! Travel safe
      xxxx Helen and the ratbags!

  2. Hi Just check out your blog, sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. Travelling Australia is an amazing experience, we’re three months in and love it. So far so do our kids too!

    • Thanks Amanda. We’ve been going three months too, sometimes when we look at photos from the start of our trip it seems so long ago! Our kids are loving it (at the moment) because we are staying in a caravan park while Paul works for a couple of weeks and they get to swim in the pool everyday after school! Whats not to love, right? Travel safe and might see you on the road!

  3. Amandah-Kayte Leas

    Hi Guys
    You all sound like you are having a blast and I enjoy reading all about your adventures.
    I am glad you have met up with another pack Reardon and all the Leaders and youth at Morley miss you very much.
    Looking forward to reading your next installment of your travels.
    Be safe


    • Hi Diamond!
      Reardon has enjoyed going to other packs but still loves Morley! He is looking forward to showing you the badges and scarf he has collected. Be warned though, Emma is intent on becoming a Joey next year!
      Nice to hear from you!

  4. hi guys! We are just looking at trying to make some sort of itinery, or at least a list of what’s good to see around australia with our 4 kids. We plan on being on the road for about a year, all going well. We already homeschool and are wanting to make our trip educational for all of us, as well as fun. I saw some books at the newsagent the other day about caravaning around australia. Do you know of/have any of these that you could recommend, or even any websites? Thanks for your blog!

    • Hi Trish! I hope your trip planning is going well. Unless you find a magazine or book with a particular article that you like I would avoid buying too many, otherwise like me you will end up with more magazines than what you know what to do with – and they aren’t always cheap either. There is lots of valuable information on the web but be prepared to lose hours or even days trawling through it all. Once you are on the road the biggest and most valuable resource will be other travellers, there are heaps of people out there on the road and most will gladly share stories, tips etc. Some websites that I have come across include:

      At caravanningoz you can look at past issues online. Explore Australia publishes many useful books and many travellers use Camps6 for a list of free camps.
      I hope that this is some help. I might even call out to other readers for their recommendations. Good luck with everything, I look forward to updates!

  5. Hi Helen,
    My husband and I are considering working around australia with two children 13 and 12. We would have to sell our house to do it and currently have a camping trailer which will have to be upgraded? It is very scary to take the step! Was it for you guys? Also the schooling. Are you doing Distance ed or home schooling? Don’t have any friends that have done a lifestyle change like this so findiing it hard to talk to someone about pros and cons.

    • Hi Bronwyn, nice to hear from you. The first step was definitely the hardest and most daunting. Once we actually hit the road things fell in to place. It is surprising just how many people are working around Australia, even with kids. So there you go, it can be done! Although not following a particular schooling method you could say we are home schooling – having teacher training certainly helps and we have put the kids in for a few weeks here and there at local schools. Not sure how that may work for high schoolers. I know you must have a million questions and I’ll email you some sites that may help you with some answers, including contacts with others on the road. Give me a couple of days to put it together. Good luck with the planning!

  6. hi my name is Sophie im in Bens and Readons class at school. i really think you guys are really cool not many people get to do what your doing. what is it like traveling and living somewhere really warmer then tassie

    • Hi Sophie. Thanks for the lovely comment. We really do enjoy travelling around and just love Tassie. If it were a little warmer we could definitely imagine living here. Perth is a great place to live and we really are lucky with the weather there.You are welcome to come and visit us there anytime you like! We’re glad that you think what we are doing is cool, maybe one day you’ll get to have your own Aussie (or even The World!) adventure. Thanks again for commenting Sophie. Ben, Reardon and Emma have all enjoyed becoming your friend and we hope to stay in touch as we continue our journey. Take care and stay safe.

  7. Hi there Helen – very interesting reading. Do you have anywhere in your blog that details where you are at the present time?
    regards, Jill

    • Hi Jill, thanks for the comment. No, I haven’t got such a thing at the moment but will see what I can do. I apologise for being behind with posting. Some days I have the internet connection but not the inclination, or vice versa! Just for the record we are camping in the Slatey Creek Campground which is in Creswick Regional Reserve, about 18km from Ballarat. It’s cold!!

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