We’re The Cusworths and we recently embarked on what some may think is an ambitious mission to travel Australia in a caravan. You’re invited along for the ride. We’ll blog about the good, the bad and the ugly – lets face it – 5 people in a caravan aint always gonna be pretty!

Meet the team;

Paul: Daddy, Husband, Driver, Lifter of Heavy Things, Fixer-Upperer, Social Director, Barbecuer, Explorer and Voice of Reason.

Helen: Mummy, Wife, Co-Driver, Teacher, Cook, Worry Wart, Planner, First Aid Administrator and team member most likely to enter total meltdown.

Emma: 5 years old, determined, funny, independent, capable and should hit the ground running.

Ben: 10 years old, clown, competive, sporty,sociable and most likely to miss home & friends.

Reardon: 9 years old, sensitive, warm, laugh out loud funny, smart and most likely to enjoy being with Mum & Dad every day.

Thats us folks! Subscribe and hitch up for the ride!


11 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    Picked up your blog from the Expanda web site.

    We did the trip many years ago – 2 adults and 5 kids aged between 10 and 18 months (twins 18 months). Had a great time, as we are sure you will.


    • Wow! I’m impressed – doing it with 5 kids – LEGENDS!!
      We are nervous & excited along with many other emotions but I am sure you are right & we will have a great time.
      Thanks for the message.

  2. Hello Cusworth Family,
    Came across your post on the Expanda forum and brought back instant memories for us as it was about 12 months ago that we started our 5 month adventure with our two boys. Our trip was also the first time we attempted a blog and we were really happy with the outcome. If you are like us you would have trawled the net trying to find and read as many travel blogs as possible.
    Anyway, I would like to share our blog for your research purposes and wish you all the best on your adventure.
    You can find our blog at tongstravellingoz@weebly.com
    Peter Tong

  3. Tanya & Tony Gill

    Hi Helen and Paul,
    The lovely Tong family have sent us the link to your blog, as we are in Rockhampton, Qld and about to head off for an 8 month trip…leaving similar date to you I think (May 3). Our boys are turning 3 and 5 whilst on the trip, so it should be interesting having little ones in tow…at least we won’t have to worry about school work! We are looking forward to reading more from you, and when I decide on what kind of digital diarising I am going to do I will be sure to let you know, so we can compare notes on our trips 🙂
    Tanya Gill

    • Hi Tanya
      Thanks for the comment. We are heading off May 5th. We are going North from Perth, or as we like to say, we are going ‘up & over’! Would be great if our paths were to cross somewhere. Good luck with your organising, isn’t packing fun?! Look forward to your updates.

  4. Oops! Wrong website address…correct one is!

    • Hi Peter
      I managed to find the correct web address through the link section on the Expanda forum. You did a great job and some of the photos are just stunning, I hope we manage to produce a blog as beautiful as yours! So glad you sent the right address for other people to have a look at.

  5. Hi guys, look forward to reading of your adventures. It is hard to believe that we have been back from our 13 month trip around our great country for 14 months – time certainly does fly!!
    Packing the house up & fitting everything you need into the van is certainly a daunting task but you will be amazed by just how little you can live with.
    We thought long & hard about taking our annexe walls but in the end due to size & weight, we left them at home & we didn’t once regret it, even when camped in Cairns for over a month & Darwin for nearly 6 weeks. The awning with 1 shadcloth wall was more than enough as it provided shade but still allowed airflow………….the last thing you want in hot weather is an enclosed vinyl room that will simply trap the heat, both in the annexe & the van. Do yourself a favour & leave the walls at home.
    One of the best mods we did to our Expanda was converting one half of the cupboard/pantry into a drawer system for our clothes. The 4 of us had one plastic draw each for our clothes which we got by with easily. We had no hanging space as that simply takes up too much room so we simply folded all our clothes & put them in the drawer. We then had one larger communal drawer that kept 1 jumper & 1 pair of long pants each as well as our socks that we only wore when hiking. Don’t overdo the warm clothes, we wore ours only in Alice Springs where it was cold. Damien didn’t wear long pants once on the trip.

  6. Tanya & Tony Gill

    Hi – hope this works…have got our blog up and running, address below:

  7. Jo, Simon, Sydney and baby K

    Hurry up and get to Geraldton – we are excited to see you guys!

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