Movers & Shakers!

Us Cusworths really know how to spend the weekend!

Two whole days of sorting and packing. Who would have thought that five people could have collected so much crap stuff?

Last week we signed with a property manager as we will be renting out the house while we are gone and hope to have people checking it out soon. We have heard conflicting opinions on the rental market in Perth at the moment, so time will tell.

We have been here for 8 years now and going through our things has been like opening a time capsule! I have discovered the remnants of my scrapbooking, stamping,  mosaics, jewellery making and beading phases. Oh, what a collection.

Paul spent Sunday sorting through the shed which we have renamed The Tardis! It was unbelievable the amount of stuff that kept being thrown out of its door. This photo really doesn’t do it justice as this is probably only half of its contents. Before tackling the task, we agreed that we were going to be ruthless about what was kept (in storage) what was donated, thrown away or relegated to the garage sale pile. He was very brave about the whole thing, not a single tear! He even commented that the whole thing was quite cathartic.

Did Reardon find the experience as positive? Mmmmm, not so much! Bless him. Every toy, book, musical instrument, pen, pencil, Lego piece, dress up etc was examined thoroughly before the final judgement was made. I think even he was amazed at just how much stuff he had that he hadn’t played with in ages. Living in the caravan will be extremely minimalistic so it will be interested to see if we will be weaned from our hoarding habits on our return.

 And as for Emma? Well these two boxes had been packed and were waiting to be loaded into the trailer. Obviously they were unattended for 30 seconds too long as this was the sight we were greeted with when we went to collect them! Apparently she had found Fat Cat’s clothes and didn’t like the idea of him being in the box naked!

In all we managed to move two trailer and one roof rack loads to our storage unit. The boys were fantastic at helping move everything and Emma was an invaluable supervisor!

We also moved some more sentimental items to my parents house such as photos, baby clothes, certificates etc. Although when my dad asked Paul what was in the tubs I think he was being a little facetious when he said, “It’s some of the kids special things – you know, baby teeth, toe nail clippings, belly button fluff and first earwax!”

Maybe me being so strict with him culling his stuff HAS scarred him after all!


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