What the? Only 54 Sleeps to go!!


Hi all!

Welcome to the very first entry on our very first blog.

In just 55 days time we are packing  up and heading off from Perth on an adventure round this majestic country called Australia. Over the next few weeks we will be checking in here to let you know how our preparations are going along with any other relevant information, you know – where we’re going, what we’re taking,  why we’re doing it – all that kind of stuff.

We’ll document every facet of this seemingly humungosaurus (it is so a word!) task we have ahead of us. Let us know if you have any suggestions or recommendations that may help.

Once we hit the road we’ll blog as often as possible to share our experiences and photos, so you can follow our adventure, hopefully inspiring others to follow suit.

Talk soon.



3 responses to “What the? Only 54 Sleeps to go!!

  1. Great news hels look forward to reading kez

  2. Pauline Sexton

    Well you are now well and truly on your way. I think you are very very brave to pack up and live in a tin box for a year! Mind you we have a lovely caravan by the seaside and it is the best thing we have ever done and all joking aside I am sure you will have wonderful adventures and we are all a little bit jealous really and wish we could have done the same. Good luck to you and I await hearing more of your travels. X Aunty Pauline and the gang (UK)

  3. what a wonderfull thing to do loved the story of your travels cannot wait for next one to read you are only young once bet the kids are having great fun i know little andrew loves coming down to my van he meets so many kids and quite a few of them come year after year good luck love . wendy

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